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I’d been looking forward to this wedding for years. Seun! my buddy of over 10 years now, from our days at RCCG chosen generation parish to our days at Covenant University till date, so believe me when I say ''I’d been looking forward to this wedding for years'', for that day Seun would walk down the aisle with the woman he loves. Yosore ! What more can I say about her, she is like a sister destiny forgot to give me. So much love I got for these two and such joy I had documenting their beautiful day.

Every moment of the day was as filled with life and joy as the couple themselves, it was all about love of life and family, vivaciousness and creativity. The hall, Jaw dropping. First wedding I would be documenting at the Grandeur hall this year with two more booked weddings coming up later this year at the Grandeur hall, cant wait to be back there.

This was definitely a Juicy one to shoot, Fasten your seat belt, on with story !!


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