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Timi and Kehinde met back in school as undergraduates in the year 2009, way back in Covenant University while serving under the same Hospitality service unit. Not too long, knowing that he had found a good thing, Timi escaped the friend zone in the year 2010 with that very expensive question (with a bright future in mind) and they started dating. 6 years down the line from being undergraduates with hopes and aspirations after graduation, here’s 2016 and it’s time to finally tie the knot to happily ever after and happy forever. When true love happens, you’ll meet someone who would want to be in your future. These two go together like copy and paste.

I have to say how utterly blown away I was by the love not only they had for each other, but some they gave to me and my team. I felt like one of the family, genuinely, and I'll never forget it. I genuinely feel like I should go on their honeymoon with them. We can’t wait to shoot their wedding coming up in October.

………On with the Story

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