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They Started out as neighbours, Biodun's brother was Lekan's senior in school. They became friends during a Summer Coaching Class in the year 2000. Days of walking home together as friends, licking of ice cream and spending lots of time together as childhood friends. They were in the friend zone for years more like looking zoned forever. From staying in touch even while going to different University to watching each other grow through the natural changes of life as ''FRIENDS''. One day, they decided to talk about this zone thing called ''Friendship for Years'' and they gradually evolved from friends to lovers. from a special liking to a love story that never ends.16 years of Friendship and counting to the happily ever after.

We had a nice time with these two during their pre-wedding session which ended up being a beautiful day for them. Whatever the weather, what I remember is the ringing laughter, the giggles and sheer happiness through the bond of true friendship.

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