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Covenant University Eagles Summit 2015

Eagles summit is the annual gathering of Covenant University graduates, a reunion which is a wonderful and impactful time with the Chancellor, Bishop David Oyedepo. It is also a time for the alumni to reconnect with classmates, faculty and staff, relive and share memories and enjoy the unique beauty of campus.

Being an alumni of CU, I was looking forward to attending and this year on the initiative of HOPE foundation (Covenant University Alunmi NGO) we decided to do a little fund raising campaign tagged ''Portrait of HOPE'', we got to take beautiful pictures of those in attendance in return for a donation to HOPE foundation.

Me going back to my alma mater was a unique experience and if I missed anything the most, I so missed the style attractions of CU students. luckily for me, next day was a Sunday and I took time out to relive the improved beauty of Covenant University while I took pictures of some stylish CU students coming out of the Chapel.


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